1. What exactly is the placement program?

The start-up placement program is an amazing volunteer opportunity for CPAs to get hands-on experience working at a startup! As a CPA, you’ll get to help start-up founders prepare financial projections, advise during fundraising rounds, set up effective and scalable internal processes and much more. We have start-ups located across Canada with both remote and in-person opportunities to learn what the start-up life is all about.

2. How do I get placed at a start-up?

Getting matched with a start-up is simple, just follow these 2 easy steps: - Apply to the program here. - Come to our learning modules to learn how to apply your CPA skill sets to the startup environment so you can add value on day 1. (Bonus: the session counts for CPD hours!). Join.

3. Who are these start-ups?

We work with the top accelerator programs from across Canada to match you with high-potential startups that need your help. These companies are innovating across countless industries including Blockchain, HR, Social Media, Health Tech, Sports, Gaming, and more. The list keeps growing as we continue to add new opportunities on a weekly basis!

4. What can I help these start-ups with?

As a CPA, you’re not there to work on traditional bookkeeping tasks but rather help with strategic projects such as creating fundraising materials (ex. financial projections), cash flow management, calculating key financial metrics, and more.

5. What is the time commitment?

It is a part-time volunteer opportunity of approximately 10-20 hours a month, for a duration of 3-4 months. You don’t need to commit right away, you commit as you indicate interests in specific companies we send out!

6. What do I get out of this?

Besides it being a ton of fun, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference to the success of young companies who need it most, and learn a lot in the process! In addition to that…

  • Get real world experience helping start-ups, and apply the knowledge gained in the Luminari venture courses in real life
  • Learn new skills and how to adapt your existing accounting skill set to technology start-ups
  • Network with Canada’s most intelligent and innovative people (founders, startup employees, VCs, and more)
  • Add this to the list of qualifications on your resume to set you apart from the competition and show start-ups you’re committed and the right fit for your dream job!
  • You might even be matched with a future employer! These companies grow fast.

Ultimately, if you are interested in working at a startup, this program will give you some real credibility, build your network, and you’ll gain experience to ease your transition. And, if you're just interested in the venture space, there is no better way to meaningfully get involved without having to quit your job!

7. Are there any remote opportunities?

Yes, we work with start-ups across Canada and offer both remote and in-person opportunities.

8. What support is there?

We have a community of #FinInTech Luminaries who are all successful CPAs working in the start-up space that we can connect you to if you’re faced with a challenge or situation you haven’t seen before. The Luminaries will be happy to mentor you and provide guidance to ensure you’re able to deliver results and be successful in your role! Check out the team here.

9. How many people have done it?

We’ve placed over 60 CPAs at different start-ups and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from both them and the start-up founders. The experience helped the CPAs get a taste of what the start-up life is all about so they feel confident going into a new role and had an invaluable impact on helping the start-ups scale by providing the financial expertise they were missing. The CPAs were able to see a tangible impact from their work and found it to be extremely rewarding, we’ve even had CPAs who loved the experience so much they’ve done more than one placement!

10. Will it help me get hired?

YES! A number of the CPAs we’ve placed have been offered jobs with the start-ups they were working with or have been able to find a job at another start-up because of the experience they had. The experiences ensured the CPAs were confident going into their new jobs and were able to start adding value from day one on the job!


1. What are the #FinInTech modules?

We have created a unique series of modules specifically designed for CPAs, covering everything you need to know about working at a start-up. These modules cover the entire gamut of startup knowledge including fundraising, pitching, building venture projections, basic tech & software development concepts, and more.

2. Who are the teachers/material developers?

We have built up a network of the most successful CPAs in the start-up space to develop and teach the material. Some of our teachers include Travis Phung, Director of Finance & Administration at Exact Imaging, Leen Li, CFO at Wealthsimple, and many more! Check out the whole list here.

3. What modules are offered and what will I learn?

Each module covers different topics required to become a venture certified CPA. Check out the details of each module here.

4. Does it count for CPD?

Yes, all modules are two verifiable CPD hours! You will receive a certificate verifying your attendance shortly after the module.

5. When are the modules offered?

Since we plan the modules based on demand, we release the dates on an on-going basis. Check out our Eventbrite page for upcoming modules.

6. How much does it cost?

  • 1 individual module is $99
  • 3 modules are $250

7. What do I have to bring to the module?

The only thing you need is a positive learning attitude.


1. Who are the speakers at the events?

Events highlight leading CPAs in the technology and startup sector. Every one of them has a unique and interesting story and valuable insights to share. Our events have hosted from C-Suite executives such as CFOs & CEOs to entrepreneurs, to federal ministers, illustrating the diversity of the CPA profession and the adaptability of its skill sets.

Check out our past events and speakers here.

2. What’s the event like?

Each event begins with some networking, and free food and drinks! Then there is a 1 hour sit down, featuring a fire-side chat where our speakers share their stories, tips and tricks for success and the role their CPA designation played in their career. Afterwards, you’ll have an opportunity to ask them questions and hang around as long as you like to network.

3. How much does it cost to attend an event?

All events are FREE!

4. Do the events count for CPD?

Yes, all events are one verifiable CPD hour. You will be emailed a certificate verifying your attendance shortly after the event.

5. Who comes to these events?

Awesome CPAs like yourself come to these events! We’ve had CPAs from public accounting, industry and entrepreneurial backgrounds come out and attend our events.

6. Will there be food & beverages at the event?

Yes! All Luminari events have food & booze!