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What do Champions-League Soccer, Cloud Accounting, Bread Prices in Australia, Startups and Reality TV have in Common?…Will Buckley

Will Buckley, the Director of Xero Canada, is not your average accountant. His CV reads like someone in their 60s and he’s still got 30 years before that milestone. I…

Save Everyone’s Time and Hassle. Simplify Your Expense Tracking.

#FinInTech is Luminari's initiative to introduce CPAs to the start-up world, and is proudly sponsored by Xero, CPA Ontario, and ConnectCPA. Nobody enjoys collecting receipts, invoices, and filing tedious paperwork. Miss…

If You Thought Millennial Talent Was Hard to Retain, Wait Until You Hear About Generation Z

The numbers are in, and 43% of millennial expect to leave their organization within 2 years. If you think that number is high—it's 61% for Gen Z. Based on a…