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Shea Balish, Founder of Curv, and The #FinInTech Startup Placement Program

Luminari sat down with Shea Balish, CEO and Founder of who participated in our #FinInTech Placement Program. Curv was matched with an amazing CPA, Dave Hill, in December 2017, and leveraged his expertise to tackle a pre-seed raise round. Read on to learn about Curv and how they benefitted from the program.


Talking with Shea Balish, Founder of

What type of financial/accounting help have you received from your CPA?

“From the get-go, Dave was a great fit. With his sports background and having worked for the Jays, he was so valuable in already knowing the industry and jumping right into the business.”

“Dave helped us prepare for our pre-seed raise round. He helped build out financial models to show potential investors, and brought in some complicated excel spreadsheets and P&L statements. It was exactly what investors were looking for.”

“Above anything else, his overall advice has been the most valuable.”

“Having someone with the expertise looking over your shoulder has been critical, especially in the early stages.”

What kind of benefits do you see for the CPAs in the program?

“What’s awesome about the program is the timing for both the CPA and the business. Newer CPAs can come in and learn, while benefitting from the fast growth of working with an early stage company. More established CPAs may have less time to give to the program but they bring a wealth of knowledge, plus, they get to come in and do interesting things and refresh their outlook on accounting and their skills.”

What are your final thoughts after having your business participate the #FinInTech Startup Placement Program?

“It’s been such a great program because Dave and I are both people at the right stage. It’s a perfect fit.”

Phenomenal program and great stuff. I really can’t say enough good things about this program.

About Curv

Curv is an athlete development platform that is leveraging recent advances in computer vision and machine learning to instantly generate 3D models of human movement simply by using 2D video (e.g., video from mobile devices). Curv is an indispensable tool for athletes, coaches, trainers, and professionals to better diagnose and predict movement pathologies and improvement opportunities.


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