By Luminari

Canada’s Economy Took A Surprising Nosedive In Second Half Of Year (Globe and Mail)

Canada's economy took a surprise step backward in August, the latest and strongest evidence yet that the growth surge of the first half of the year has given way to…

The Productization of Professional Services

As a professional with most of his career ahead of him, the natural question arises: What next? For me, it has always been more than an academic question. Personally, I…

5 CPAs Working Their Dream Startup Jobs

1. Paul Besaw, Director of Finance at FinanceIt On how a startup life is different than anything else… “With the type of environment we have here, you’re encouraged to come…

State-Sponsored Cyberattacks on Canada Successful About Once a Week (CBC news)

The Canadian government's computer networks have been hit by state-sponsored cyberattacks about 50 times a week — and at least one of them usually succeeded. ... Read more here

AICPA and Wall Street Blockchain Alliance To Work Together (Digital Journal)

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA), a leading nonprofit trade association promoting the comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology across global markets, today announced plans to collaborate... Read more here

Canadians Lead World In ‘Binge-Racing’ TV Shows, Netflix Says (Huffington Post)

In digging down into data on its viewers' habits, Netflix has uncovered a new kind of TV viewer: The "binge racer." "Accomplishing in a day what takes others weeks to…

How A CPA Saved A Toronto West-End Jazz Bar

Hugh’s Room was a haven and a home for Toronto’s folk scene—a relaxed 270-person venue with a stage that’s welcomed too many first-rate acoustic songwriters and musicians to name. In…

Counting Isn’t Accounting

CPAs are known as the proverbial bean counters, the people who are counted on to balance the accounts and report on performance. That reputation is entirely accurate, but it’s not…

The Plight Of The Auditor

Its no secret that auditors are generally not perceived positively. As a former auditor, I remember how difficult it was to know that you are dreaded before you even walk…

5 Reasons Your Resume Annoys The Person Reviewing It

Since starting Luminari I’ve reviewed countless resumes and noticed some common big mistakes that are made way too often.  Every role is different, and each hiring manager will be looking…