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Startup: Business by Different Rules

Before I got involved with a startup I figured the basics were pretty much the same as what I knew; I’d been to business school and worked in big companies…

A Guide to Leaving The Big 4 From Someone Within the Firm

When to Say Goodbye: Leaving The Big 4 First off, I would like to say congratulations, you did it! You’ve written and passed the most mentally and physically challenging exam…

5 Tips For Surviving Busy Season

Surviving Busy Season Can Be A Challenge "Busy Season." There, I said it. While working for an accounting firm there is no way you can avoid it. It’s that glorious…

Executives Expect These Three Things when You Present

Executives must master their time and capacity to achieve top levels of performance. Rambling presentations, unclear messages, and indirect answers cost time with little to no return on that investment.…

Masters of Accounting vs. CPA PEP

As the accounting world changed, so did the path to become a CPA. No longer are the days of choosing between the CA, CGA or CMA routes. There is a…

Food For Thought: Data Analytics For Accountants

I’ve always had a keen interest in data. To me, the free flow of data into perfectly normalized tables, with complete integrity between disparate systems, is a thing of beauty…

Turnover and The Importance of Motivation

Turnover is a constant challenge, especially in an environment where expectations do not change if your team is short people. Excessive turnover leads to disruptions that negatively affect client servicing…

Why A Big 4 Career Isn’t Right For You And That’s Okay

You’ve heard it before from your Professors, recruiters, coworkers, friends, and if you’re like me, probably your mother... “It’s a great name to have on your resume!” “You’ll learn so…

The Productization of Professional Services

As a professional with most of his career ahead of him, the natural question arises: What next? For me, it has always been more than an academic question. Personally, I…

7 Questions I Should Have Practiced Before Interviewing

When I decided it was time to make my next career move, I realized the easy part was behind me. The market for CPAs at the time was one that…
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