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7 Questions I Should Have Practiced Before Interviewing

When I decided it was time to make my next career move, I realized the easy part was behind me. The market for CPAs at the time was one that…

Life After The CPA Letters Isn’t Set In Stone

To most aspiring and recent CPAs this is an overwhelming question. And why is that? Through our toddler stages in university and our 30 month experience in a firm /…

I Love Applying To Jobs On LinkedIn… Said No One Ever.

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Dennis Bennie On Being An Entrepreneur

The Luminari founders sat down with renowned entrepreneur Dennis Bennie, who moved to Toronto from South Africa in the late 1970s. Bennie’s past roles have included co-founder of software and…

5 Canadian Fintech Companies To Watch This Month

AI and Big Data are in the headlines these days; financial technology companies are set to transform the banking industry landscape with their innovation and disruptive technologies. Despite Silicon Valley…

Why Startups Should Hire CPAs

If your startup is like any other, then you can’t hire someone to just do one job. It’s all hands on deck, and everyone needs to serve several purposes. Many…