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Startup: Business by Different Rules

Before I got involved with a startup I figured the basics were pretty much the same as what I knew; I’d been to business school and worked in big companies…

How A CPA Saved A Toronto West-End Jazz Bar

Hugh’s Room was a haven and a home for Toronto’s folk scene—a relaxed 270-person venue with a stage that’s welcomed too many first-rate acoustic songwriters and musicians to name. In…

Counting Isn’t Accounting

CPAs are known as the proverbial bean counters, the people who are counted on to balance the accounts and report on performance. That reputation is entirely accurate, but it’s not…

The Plight Of The Auditor

Its no secret that auditors are generally not perceived positively. As a former auditor, I remember how difficult it was to know that you are dreaded before you even walk…

5 Canadian Fintech Companies To Watch This Month

AI and Big Data are in the headlines these days; financial technology companies are set to transform the banking industry landscape with their innovation and disruptive technologies. Despite Silicon Valley…

Why Startups Should Hire CPAs

If your startup is like any other, then you can’t hire someone to just do one job. It’s all hands on deck, and everyone needs to serve several purposes. Many…

“In reality, an unsuccessful project is the best R&D project. If you didn’t succeed you didn’t know how to do it, so there had to be some knowledge gained” – Josh Smith, Partner, Welch LLP

“We don’t like the term ‘Smart City’. Most cities are already smart, so it’s about bringing all these technologies together” – Nicole LeBlanc, Director, Sidewalk Labs

“The numbers are the numbers. I’m not going to be able to change them and you’re not going to be able to change them. So let’s look at what we have, and let’s deal with it.” – Gillian Goldblatt, Principal at msi SPERGEL

“The market is anyone who wants to make more money than the cost of the software. Starting a business on Shopify should be as much fun as watching Netflix.”

– Russ Jones, former CFO of Shopify

“I always emphasize preparation. You will be more confident. You know the subject, it’s yourself. Focus on what you’re there to do and try to park everything else.” – Charlene Bergman, Director of Interim Management & Executive Search at Farber Group on Nailing Job Interviews


Building the City of the Future with Nicole LeBlanc

Nicole Leblanc, a CPA by trade, is the Director of Investment & Partnerships at Sidewalk Labs. She uses her accounting background to decide which companies should join their investment portfolio…
photo of russ jones

The Growth of Shopify: From Series A to IPO in Five Short Years

Russ Jones, the former CFO at Shopify, spoke with us at a fireside chat about his evolving role within the company, leading them through multiple funding rounds all the way…
photo of Jesse Abrams in Luminari t-shirt

From Public Accounting to Working at Luminari

Read below to learn more about Jesse's CPA journey and what inspired him to join the Luminari team in his own words. A CPA – there is a lot more…

Announcing the Launch of FEI Young Luminaries.

Our mission at Luminari is to make CPAs' lives easier and their careers progress faster. In that effort, we’re excited to launch our newest initiative, FEI Young Luminaries. It’s an…

Start-Up Tips: 4 Essential Things to Know When Looking for an Office Space

CPAs are usually wearers of many hats when working at a start-up, and finding the next office space often ends up being one of the more perplexing tasks. We sat…